Bookkeeper Job outlook

Job options for a Certificate IV-FNS40215 qualification

A bookkeeper is responsible for maintaining accurate records of financial transactions of a business or company. If you are looking for work, and have a Certificate IV-FNS40215 qualification in bookkeeping or, you are currently taking or intending to take a bookkeeping course online to get the qualification, you are not restricted solely to a job as a bookkeeper. The number of available positions working as a bookkeeper in Australia is on the increase. There has been a rise in vacancies for bookkeepers of 7% since 2012 and this figure is expected to carry on rising into the foreseeable future. However, if you are still struggling to secure a position or, you would just like to know what other options are available to you, here is a list of other possible career paths you could consider using your Certificate IV in bookkeeping for:

  • Many entry-level accounting jobs including, accounts clerk, accounting support officer, and admin officer.
  • Payroll officer.
  • Team leader in the financial sector.
  • Accounting support officer.
  • Financial markets support officer.

Accounting and bookkeeping jobs

The average annual salary for a bookkeeper in Australia is currently $62,425. The average annual salary for the jobs listed above range from $47,248 for a Markets Admin Officer to $70,000 for a Payroll Officer. You can also progress on from your Certificate IV in Bookkeeping through to a diploma or an advanced diploma in accounting. This will open possible job positions as a fully qualified Accountant, a manager in the finance market or, a Risk Manager with possible earnings of over $117,000 per annum.

The best states in Australia at the moment to find an opening as a bookkeeper are Victoria and New South Wales. To stand the best chance of landing a position, on top of your Certificate IV in Bookkeeping, you will need to be able to prove to a potential employer that you;

  • Can work well as part of a team.
  • Have a head for numbers.
  • Are able to organise and prioritise your studies well.
  • Are computer literate
  • Can meet deadlines.
  • Are a good communicator.

Whatever career path you decide to use your bookkeeping qualification for, there are plenty of options available to you. The job market in this area of employment is continuing to grow and you will have the potential to develop your skills further by gaining more advanced qualifications and progressing up the career ladder to more rewarding jobs.